Hof van Salland

Wednesday night? BBQ night!

From Wednesday, July 11, 2018:

Wednesday night? BBQ night!

It isn't summer without a barbecue! Restaurant De Hazelaer makes things easy for you. Every Wednesday evening from 11 July to 29 August, the chef will prepare the most delicious dishes on the grill for you. All you have to do is... choose!

Endless variation
During the BBQ evening, you can choose from meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Of course, you can make your own combinations. Furthermore, during the BBQ night there is a luxurious salad bar with lettuce and raw vegetables, bread with herb butter and sauces, and French fries and roasted potatoes.

Outside or inside
Restaurant De Hazelaer has two nice patios on both sides of the restaurant, where you can also enjoy a pleasant evening. Poor weather during the BBQ evening? Then your table is served in the restaurant itself.

You can make a reservation for your table through the website of restaurant De Hazelaer.
Are you also a guest at Hof van Salland? Then you can also make your reservations at the reception.