Hof van Salland
Hof van Salland second place

Hof van Salland again in the top 10

Hof van Salland has again made it into the top 10 of best holiday park in the Netherlands

Review platform Zoover investigated which 10 holiday parks in the Netherlands received the best ratings during the past year. Hof van Salland scored an average rating of 9.63 on Zoover. This led our luxury holiday park in Hellendoorn to achieve an amazing second place in the top 10 best holiday parks in the Netherlands. Thanks to the reviews of our park guests Hof van Salland has again reached a high position. Last year Hof van Salland scored a rating of 9.51 which made it the best holiday park of the Netherlands.

Atmosphere impression

Selection criteria Zoover

The top 10 is based on reviews on Zoover from August 2018 until July 2019. The average rating was considered. Only holiday parks that have received at least thirty reviews within the past twelve months are included in the analysis. Hof van Salland received positive reviews for, among other things, its location, service, value for money, child friendliness, activities, dining facilities, swimming pool, accommodations and cleanliness.

Zoover is a review website for holiday destinations by and for travelers. Travelers can leave a review about their stay at a holiday park. Future travelers can make good decisions based on these reviews.

Villa park Hof van Salland

There are good reasons why Hof van Salland is rated with a 9.63 on Zoover. The villas offer lots of luxury and comfort and have modern furnishing. You can come here for a relaxing and luxurious holiday. The villas offer space to 2 to 6 people and there are also luxury holiday homes for 14 people available. For extra relaxation you can choose the wellness variety of the villas and group accommodation. Around the holiday homes you will find beautiful nature, seas of space and lots of privacy. The park facilities, such as Restaurant De Hazelaer and the outdoor swimming pool, complete a holiday at Hof van Salland.

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