Hof van Salland

"Happy with this park"

Mr and Mrs Van Oeveren talk about their holiday experience at Hof van Salland.

"Happy with this park"

Mr and Mrs van Oeveren have been guests at Hof van Salland since 2012. What began as a one time weekend visit, became a series of regular visits to the place Ton and Anneke find to be so relaxing and pleasant.

Great view
"About three years ago we happened upon this park. Because we enjoy peace, luxury, privacy and nice bicycle rides in the surrounding area we chose a house at the edge of the park. We started in a Beukelaer XL Wellness... wat a beautiful house, and what a view! The bungalow was truly fully and luxuriously equipped. We have visited about eight times since then, and always stay in the same house, and enjoy the beautiful view of the hill, the animals in the field, and relaxing on the sunbeds. All the houses have been finished beatifully on the inside, even the new lodges: a bit less in terms of space, but lovely for a short vacation for two. A stay here really gives you a bountiful feeling."

Culinary surprise
"The first year we primarily stayed in the bungalow and the terrace around the bungalow, and the restaurants in Hellendoorn. Back then we didn't visit the park restaurant, just because we never had very good experiences with restaurants at parks. The second year we also came to enjoy ourselves, and... decided to give the restaurant at the park a try. That is what really reinforced our click with this park. Because the accommodation, location, and view are great, but we also felt at home at the restaurant right away. And that was a welcome change after the disappointments at other parks. What really stood out, and what we really liked, was the pleasant atmosphere at the restaurant. The people were very friendly and attentive, and spared no effort in making sure we were happy. Even the music was changed when we told them what genre we enjoy."

Good conversation
"Hostess Riekie pays attention and often takes the time to chat when you feel like it. And we have to admit: we like that! The chef is not just a great chef, he is also a great host. He will come to the table to take our order and talk us through the menu, listens and is considerate of the guests wishes. He is also quick with a joke, to break the ice. The food that appears on the table after that is wonderful! They make something special every time, we highly recommend it. Sometimes it's too busy for the staff to come and chat, quick service of a good meal comes first. But even when it's busier we always feel we are appreciated as guests. The good atmosphere and the relationship that we have with the staff has made it so that both we and the staff see ourselves as "house guests".

"There are many more kind words that we could add to this song of praise, like beautiful surroundings, great base for bicycle rides and trips to the surrounding towns and cities. But that wouldn't add anything to the essence of this message. And that essence is very simple for us: we are welcomed into a warm home when we are received as "house guests" by the team at Hof van Salland. Okay, there is one small point of criticism: the traffic on the public road across the canal can be very fast at times. That is a road you have to cross when you go out on your bicycle. The team can do a lot within the park, but even for them it has to end somewhere... We are already looking forward to our next holiday at this park."

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