Hof van Salland
Local produce during your holiday

Enjoy local and culinary delights in Salland

Enjoy local produce during your holiday

There is nothing quite like enjoying the local delicacies during your holiday. Luckily, Hof van Salland is the right place for you. In addition to peace, quiet and nature, you will find numerous farms in the natural surroundings of this holiday resort. These offer some of the best local produce of Salland and Twente. From the tastiest cheeses to organic asparagus, all of our local produce is simply to die for. Moreover, you can turn this local produce into all kinds of delicious dishes in your own holiday home in Hellendoorn. Are you ready to experience a real foodcation? Then read on, because we'll tell you exactly where you need to be in this blog.

Ice cream that will make you lick your fingers

Ice cream is always a good idea— especially if it's made with local milk. That's exactly what the owners of Rosahoeve Ice Farm had in mind, too. Here the cows at the farm supply all of the the milk for your ice cream. From Amarena Cherry to Snickers ice cream scoops: if you can imagine it, they have it. For the best soft serve strawberry ice cream, you need to go to RozemArrie. Take a seat in the sun and enjoy your ice cream. The Vosseboer and Zandman Beerze are also loved by the locals and have so many flavors that you will may experience choice overload.

Local ice cream

A locally brewed beer or a nice glass of wine

Whether it's cooking in your own kitchen or just before bedtime, a nice drink during your holiday should never go amiss. Luckily, there are plenty of shops where you can go for a lovely bottle of wine or a nice beer. How about De Varsenerhof or Tappenmars, for example? Both have their own vineyard. Heileuver, Oonse Boerderieje, and De Knapenvelder are also shops with high-quality products.

Cheeses to truly enjoy

The people of Overijssel live and breathe cheese. At Heileuver, Oonse Boerderieje, and De Knapenvelder you can not only buy drinks, but also some incredible cheeses. At Zandman Beerze, you can discover the unique taste of Beemster cheese. With all the treats available at the farm shop, it is impossible to leave the shop empty-handed.

Local cheese

Bread spread that turns every loaf into a party

Bread with toppings taste just a little better when they are prepared with love. And for love in the products you'll find RozemArrie, who sells homemade strawberry jam. The Knapenvelder also sells this sweet treat. If you like boiled or sunny side up eggs on your bread, you should stop by Vechtdal Eggs. Unlike in normal shops, this is where you can get your freshly laid eggs from a machine.

Meat that's packed with flavor

Crazy about beef? Then you're in luck, because at Farm Roke's Erf, you're getting the best of the best. Whether you choose steak, roast beef, or sirloin steak, all the meat tastes incredible. And that's just a small selection from the range, because there's a lot more choice. The meat comes from our own well-treated cattle and this is something you can taste. The tender meat is to everyone's taste. If you visit the shop, you are always invited to take a look inside the barn. At De Knapenvelder they also have enough local Twente produce to feast on. How about dry sausage with a drink or a chunk of aged cheese?

Organic enjoyment

Healthy and good for the world is the key business model of the local organic farm shop, De meisjes van Ommen. Here you will find juices, baking products, and even care products. You will always receive a friendly welcome and be helped with love in this shop. Furthermore, De Meisjes van Ommen is also a nice place to shop for presents. For vegetables you can go to De Weerd Asperges, which sells fresh asparagus. Besides the fact that these asparagus are bursting with flavor and vitamins, it's also a great example of a regional product from Salland.

Organic produce

Cooking in the kitchen of your holiday villa

Once you've been hunting for the best local produce from Salland or the local produce from Twente, it's time to prepare them in the kitchen of your own villa. Make a delicious cheese fondue with fresh cheese and bread, or get started with the asparagus wrapped in ham. The possibilities are endless. You can enjoy these dishes together with your partner or with several people, because the villas on our small scale villa resort are suitable for two to fourteen people. Moreover, the holiday homes are perfect for enjoying all of the lovely dishes you have prepared in plenty of space and privacy. That said, the enjoyment can continue after dinner, too. Indeed, some of our villas even have spa options. This is perfect for relaxing while you quietly digest your food. Doesn't that sound amazing?

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