Hof van Salland

Tour of Boksloot

Route around the park: Tour of Boksloot

The region of Salland offers numerous beautiful hikes to go on. For instance, you'll find many starting locations for marked routes. Are you looking for a short(er) route without having to travel to get to it? Walk the route around the park: a tour of Boksloot. This route covers a distance of about 3 km (Short) or 4.5 km (Longer) and can be accessed right at your holiday villa. Ideal for a short breath of fresh air and some exercise.

Along the way, you'll enjoy beautiful vistas. A view of the meadows, authentic orchards and walking along water. Looking for some extra adventure? Make the move to the meadows halfway along the route and see where it takes you (please note: no dogs allowed).

Diverse landscape along Hof van Salland
Extend your route along Hof van Salland by moving on to the meadows
Art of nature during your hiking route along Hof van Salland
Meadows, fields and water during your route around Hof van Salland
Pure and authentic during your walk along Hof van Salland
Along the edge of Hof van Salland

The route

Take a left leaving the park. At the bridge, near hub X24, you'll go left on the (unpaved) sand road or on the (paved) bicycle path. Follow the water. Take a left to Schaddenveldsweg. Next, walk on via Short, Longer or No Traffic:
Short: Take a left and follow Knollenhaarweg. The entrance to the park is to your left.

Longer: Cross over and keep following Schaddenveldsweg. Take a left to Fijne Weversweg. Go left and follow Knollenhaarweg. The entrance to the park is to your left.

No (car) traffic:
Would you rather not walk along the road with cars moving by? Don't follow Schaddenveldsweg, instead taking the first part of the route back. Discover nature and the trail from the other direction.

Map of the route Tour of Boksloot