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Clog workshop Dijkman

So much more than just the making of clogs goes on at Clog Workshop Dijkman in Luttenberg. Clog maker Martin Dijkman will tell you all about it, in his own playful way.

The artisanal crafts of Clog Workshop Dijkman

A clog workshop, that's where clogs are made. But so much more goes on in Clog Workshop Dijkman in Luttenberg! Clog maker Martin Dijkman is happy to share his knowledge and skill in a special way. Playful demonstrations are combined with attention to innovative, specialist applications. And this ensures a fun and educational visit.


The art of making clogs is a craft that is only transmitted from father to son these days. Whereas nearly everyone used to walk around in clogs in the past, nowadays it is a noteworthy shoe type you are not likely to encounter often. In addition, there are machines that can shape a clog much faster. But for those preferring authenticity and craftmanship, the Clog Workshop is the place to be. Martin Dijkman belongs to the fourth generation of clog makers in his family. He shapes the clogs completely by hand. From a block of poplar or willow wood, he makes the most fantastic clogs. During a demonstration, he will take you along through the world of the clog.


In addition to traditional clogs, the show also features new designs. How about a Sunday clog? Or a variant with high heels? Furthermore, Martin discovered that clogs re very suited for the purpose of art. Using 30,000 miniature clogs, with help from Talens and thanks to roughly 20 painters, Martin has recreated the 'Night Watch' by Rembrandt van Rijn as a clog mosaic. This showpiece naturally got its own spot in the shop, and can be admired during your visit. Martin would be happy to tell you more about the remarkable production process.


Be surprised by the hilarious demonstration, be in awe about the innovative execution of classic art and end your visit with the purchase of a truly amazing souvenir. The Clog Workshop can be found in Luttenberg, at approximately 7 km from the park.

Dijkman Klompenatelier / 22 Lemelerweg, Luttenberg / www.klompen.nl
Opened: Monday - Friday 9:00 t/m 18:00 / Saturday 9:00 - 16:00 / closed on Sundays

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Clog maker Martin Dijkman