Hof van Salland

Restaurant De Hazelaer

Exquisite dining at Restaurant De Hazelaer. A beautiful location for lunch and dinner. And the place for other packages, too.

Enjoying dinner at De Hazelaer: Homely luxury

Beautiful homemade dishes, enjoying dinner in a great atmosphere with a lot of attention for you as the guest. Whether you visit De Hazelaer during your stat at the park or choose it as a restaurant location from the place where you live, hostess Riekie Smeets and her team will give you a warm welcome and a wonderful evening.

On the menu

Riekie: "At De Hazelaer, we prepare food with love and passion, and this shows in the taste. In addition to the regular menu, we often offer special menus with dishes in the style and atmosphere of the season." For example, the Hazelaer participated in the readers' menu of Tubantia in June 2015. The reactions were overwhelming. "We had the pleasure of welcoming many guests as well as receive a lot of praise. Our location may be somewhat in the outskirts, but the guests have never had difficulties in finding us."


Enthusiastic reactions thanks to our great dishes, but also thanks to the atmosphere. "Our dishes all focus on quality and homely luxury. It's important tot me that the same atmosphere is experienced in the restaurant. A place with warm decor and a hint of romance, where we combine pleasant comfort with our enthusiasm."


Restaurant De Hazelaer is a beautiful location for lunch and dinner. On top of this it is also ideal for other arrangements. "Imagine celebrating birthdays or anniversaries", says Riekie. "We offer various combinations for family dinners, buffets and themed arrangements like fondue and barbecue. Another thing that seems to be increasing in popularity is a business aspect: De Hazelaer as a conference venue, either with or without a combination of an accommodation at the park."