Hof van Salland

Katoentjestocht Nijverdal

Going for a walk at night. Exciting and adventurous, and at the same time relaxing! That's why Nijverdal organizes the Katoentjestocht during the night of May 19th.

Starting point for all distances is at approximately 12 kilometers from Hof van Salland: at the Smithy, 4a Hoge Dijkje in Nijverdal. The routes have been created by experienced hikers of the Haarle hiking association. The distance is what determines the fee. These fees vary between € 6.50 and €9.00 per person. The starting time, too, varies based on the distance you choose. All additional information can be found at www.katoentjestocht.nl. Registering in advance is recommended.

Don't forget!
Wearing reflective clothing is mandatory while hiking between sundown and sunrise. The use of a flashlight is recommended as well.

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Fun fact
The name Katoentjestocht is closely tied to the rise of Nijverdal. The area near Hellendoorn was selected for the production of textiles in the 19th century. Expectations were that this industry would see a great development, for this reason a special, new village was founded in 1836, with its own name. This is how Nijverdal came into existence thanks to the 'katoentjes' ('katoen' being the Dutch word for cotton). By using the same name for the hiking marathon, past and present are intertwined.

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