Hof van Salland
Strongman Run


  • Obstacle run in Hellendoorn
  • 3rd & 4th September 2022
  • In combination with luxury accommodation

YU MAN RACE in Hellendoorn

Sporty people pay attention, because Saterday 3 and Sunday, September 4 is the day you have all been waiting for; the YU MAN RACE 2022, former Strongman Run. A running race for men and women with a challenging course consisting of various obstacles across the water and through the mud. Do you dare challenge it? Combine speed, power and flexibility during the obstacle run and show who the fastest and strongest really is. The challenging competition and the unique atmosphere during the YU MAN RACE make it a great experience. Whatever distance (5, 10, 15 or 21 km) you choose, one thing is for sure, you will enjoy a challenging obstacle run.

The former Strongman Run is now called YU MAN RACE and is more than just a fun event for its participants; it is also a fantastic experience for the audience. More than 60,000 visitors show up each year to encourage the participants, but also to enjoy music, food, and drinks. Hof van Salland, just 10 km away from the run, offers you the option to stay overnight before or after the YU MAN RACE in a villa or hotel room. Have you already registered for the obstacle run?

  • YU MAN RACE 2022: 3rd & 4th of September

An impression of Hof van Salland

Spend the night at Hof van Salland

Do you want to combine your participation in or visit to the YU MAN RACE with a luxury overnight accommodation in the area? It is possible in our holiday villas for 2 to 14 people. Give it your all during the obstacle run and then finally relax in plenty of luxury at our holiday resort! You can really unwind in the villas with spa facilities due to their sauna and whirlpool. Our 2-person hotel rooms and studios are perfect for a single night's stay either before or after the StrongmanRun.

Hof van Salland has excellent facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, a wonderful restaurant, and an all-weather tennis court. After a day of sweating and struggling at the obstacle course, nothing could be better than taking a refreshing dip in our swimming pool. In addition, after the run you can sit down at Restaurant De Hazelaer and lose yourself in a world full of culinary surprises. Combining the former Strongman Run, now YU MAN RACE, event with a luxurious weekend getaway at Hof van Salland is an excellent idea. Effort and relaxation in one weekend!

Spend the night during the YU MAN RACE:

  • Luxury villas for 2-14 people
  • Hotel rooms and studios for 2 people
  • Spa options in the villas
  • Outdoor swimming pool with sunbathing lawn
  • Restaurant De Hazelaer