Hof van Salland

Events in the area

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  • Sports, culture as well as nature
  • Overnight stay at Hof van Salland

Events near Hof van Salland

There is plenty of entertainment to be found near Hof van Salland. Whether you like sports, culture or nature, you can always find an activity that matches your wishes from Hof van Salland. You can find the full calendar overview on the VVV Hellendoorn and Salland Naturally Welcoming websites. Go ahead and pick one of the highlighted activities below:


Stay overnight at Hof van Salland

Will you be participating yourself, or would you like to attend one of the activities in the area of Hof van Salland? Then combine it with a stay at our luxury vacation resort in Overijssel. Find your perfect stay by simply selecting the right date around the event. We offer flexible arrival and departure days, so you can often stay before, during, or after the event. This way, you do not have to go all the way back home after the event, but instead, you can stay in one of our detached villas in no time. The villas have a spacious yard, offer a lot of privacy, and can be booked with private wellness facilities. We can accommodate up to 14 people. For a short stay, our hotel with two-person rooms is ideal. Your dog is welcome in both our hotel and the villas.

As a guest, you also can enjoy unlimited use of the resort facilities, such as the outdoor swimming pool with a paddling pool and a sunbathing area, the tennis court, and the restaurant. This makes your stay around the event entirely complete. After a short vacation, you are guaranteed to return home refreshed.


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